On the 25th of October in Brussels, the DIGIT-FUR project held its Forecasting Workshop. Including the representatives of the four partner organizations involved in the project (CENFIM, EFBWW, UEA, EFIC), 21 European experts from 11 different EU countries took part to the event. The participant experts covered five different fields of expertise: Digitization, EU VET systems, Occupational Health & Safety, Furniture sector and Economic trends. During the Workshop the result of the DIGIT-FUR forecasting survey were debated. The survey held during the month of September involved 56 European experts from 15 different EU countries. The aim of the survey and the following workshop was to define the predictable scenario(s) of the “European wood furniture industry in 2025” and how it will be affected by the digitization of the sector. During the Workshop, the experts debated, through a two steps methodology, 37 factors and situations that the survey identified as the key driver of change for the sector 2025 scenario. The survey and workshop results will be further analysed by the project team and by the other DIGIT-FUR project experts and presented during next months in specific reports that will be published on this webpage for dissemination and further debate.