The DIGIT-FUR forecasting survey is in progress among more than 50 experts in different fields: furniture sector, industrial digitization, economy, Health & Safety at work and VET systems. This survey is the first step of the DIGIT-FUR Forecasting Research and it is taking place until the end of September. Respondents have been provided with the DIGIT-FUR report on the status of the EU furniture sector (download it here) that support them to better understand the current sector situation. The survey results will provide the basis, knowledge and understanding for the discussion during the project Workshop that will take place in Brussels on the 25th of October 2017. The aim of this Workshop is to define by consensus the predictable scenario(s) of the “European wood furniture industry in 2025” and how it will be affected by the digitization of the sector. The workshop will be a project internal activity involving 20 experts from different sectors. If you are interested in participating to this project workshop, we can check this possibility. In case, contact us.