DIGIT-FUR Impacts of the digital transformation in the wood furniture industry

It contains the key results of the project, with a detailed description of the digitization impact on 11 occupational profiles in relation to tasks changes, OHS risks, new and updated needs for skills, knowledge and competencies. It also includes recommendations for sector actors and stakeholders.

Final brochure

Presentation of the project and the results achieved.


Initial brochure

Presentation of the project aims, activities, deliveries and partners.


Executive Summary

One page summary of the DIGIT-FUR project results and outcomes.


DIGIT-FUR report on the furniture sector status

It contains updated information on the furniture sector structural situation, processes and technologies, occupations and employment and the related risks for H&S at Work, information about the sector VET system and the main drivers of change with a special attention to the digitalization impact.


DIGIT-FUR forecasting survey: survey and results summary

This DIGIT-FUR forecasting survey was the first step of the DIGIT-FUR Forecasting Research and it is a key part of the DIGIT-FUR project. The survey results provide a ranked list of factors that will affect the wood furniture sector in 2025, considering their probability of happening (success) and the relevance of their impact on the sector.


Factors fact sheets for DIGIT-FUR workshop experts

It present the details of all the factors analysed by experts during the DIGIT-FUR Workshop.


Methodological approach of the DIGIT-FUR project survey

It presents the methodological approach that the DIGIT-FUR project team adopted in the preparation and implementation process of the DIGIT-FUR project Forecasting Survey.


DIGIT-FUR forecasting scenario of the EU wood furniture industry in 2025

This report presents the forecast on how the EU wood furniture sector scenario will change in 2025, with a special focus on the digitization impact.  The vision of the European Furniture Industry in 2025 has been based on the analysis of the importance and impact of societal changes, technology developments, economic trends, the environment and policy drivers of the furniture industry.


Methodology for the selection of the occupational profiles to be analysed

The DIGIT-FUR team has implemented a selection process in order to identify those specific occupational profiles within the Furniture sector that will be affected the most by the impact of the Industry 4.0.


Introduction to the occupational changes study

It presents the current situation and the forecast of the occupational changes due to the sector digitalization in 2025.


Detailed impacts on occupational profiles

A detailed presentation of the DIGIT-FUR outcomes on the impacts of the digitization on the occupational profiles tasks, OHS risks, VET needs.


Map of initiatives supporting the implementation of Industry Digitalization in across the EU

It collects the information currently available on those initiatives implemented across Europe to support the whole complex and challenging process of digitizing the European Furniture industry and which can support the different and several stakeholders and actors involved or affected in different ways by this new industrial revolution.


Conclusions and recommendations

It contains a short summary of the project conclusions and detailed suggestions for all sectors actors and stakeholders.